How to mark cards in poker

In result, we say that you the best way possible for Marking You Cards whether its for magic cards tricks or Cheating Cards.
Honestly, this is not true, as a professional marked cards supplier, if customer want to buy the invisible ink to mark cards in casino game, we will clarify below points:.
Only select a card that is in a poor hand.
Slightly bend a corner.Because the odds are different, the hand rankings are slightly different.For 2013, high Tech Electronic improvements, with NU-CONcept marked card solutions you can: Learn how to make an "ad-hoc" marked deck by secretly marking someone else's playing cards, while they are watching and/or.Remember that the next hand could be the best time to play it or switch it for another.Please feel free to eMail us to solve your marked card problems.

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Using this direction and you will be able to create the perfect Marked Playing Cards for you.
Make some mistakes to throw other players off.
Plan you plays according to who has the card and how they might use.You may want to save time reading by clicking on the free audio video clips: If you prefer to read text, the following pages will contain text: Domino or Rummy-O tiles (please inquire via eMail).27th, 2013 at 4:00 PM (Hope to see you there!).The dealer then deals each player and himself three cards, face down.On the other hand, reading Juice marks will take some practice.If the dealers hand is Queen-high or better, the dealer plays.